Genetic Testing Services

Identifying and Diagnosing Genetic Diseases

InheriGen is a carrier screen that tests for hundreds of genetic diseases from a single blood sample. This service can be used on women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant in order to identify the risks and options for a present or future pregnancy. Valle Del Sol OB-GYN offers InheriGen screenings to patients in the Phoenix area, and we want to empower you with the information and knowledge needed to appropriately plan for your family’s future.

The benefits of InheriGen include:

  • Assessment of Risk
  • Information Regarding Your Options
  • Well-informed Planning
  • Much More

Don’t get caught off-guard. With Valle Del Sol OB-GYN, you can receive quality genetic testing services that can serve to help you better plan for you and your family. We can provide you with a wealth of information and options to ensure you are fully aware of any risks. For more information on our genetic testing services, call our office at 602-429-2239 today!

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